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Export Customs Transactions
Importation Customs Transactions
Private Invoice Customs Transactions
Returned Goods Customs Transactions
Sousplan Customs Transactions
Temporary Admission Customs Transactions
Registration Documents
Sampling – Opening (Material Handling)
Quota Permit Certificate Transactions
Consulate Confirmations
Agricultural Quarantine and Stock Exchange Declaration Transactions
Transfer – Transit Customs Transactions
Storehouse Declaration Customs Transactions
Ata Carnet Customs Transactions
Private Goods Customs Transactions
Transit Trade (Tr) Customs Transactions
Measurement Adjustment Permits
Chamber of Commerce Transactions (Expert Investigation)
Good’s Return to Origin Transactions
Demurrage (Warehouse) Returns Services
Accounting Transactions
Atomic Energy Foundation Transactions
Time Extension Services
Brand Alteration and Transfer Customs Transactions
Abandonment without Customs Clearence
Detached Transactions
Assurance Solutions
Tariff (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) Assessment
Turkish Standards Institute Convenience Services
Certificate of Warranty Applications
Inspection Certificate Acquisitions
Worker Safety Certificate Acquisitions
D.I.I. Document Acquisitions

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